• Please follow the steps on my booking page to plan a time to meet and of course, always be respectful.

  • Please do not try to negotiate price or ask for other pictures! No, not even if you’re good looking or send me one of you.

  • Hygiene is important! If you had a busy day, my shower will be ready for you.

  • After you’ve arrived and gotten comfortable, please leave the donation anywhere in plain site.

  • Please try to refrain from smoking cigarettes before our date.

  • I am happy to provide a list of do’s and don’ts after you’ve been screened.

  • Please try to be on time of course, but also understand that I may not be totally ready if you are more than 15 minutes early.

  • See gift section for refreshments to bring that we can enjoy together.

  • Planning ahead is super sexy.

On roll playing and dancing: I’m not an actress or a performer. Instead, I offer my completely genuine companionship. I’ve learned that “PSE” is not really my style and I don’t want to disappoint!

On outfit requests: I will do my best to accommodate your requests, but you should be aware that because of my nomadic spirit, I love to live minimally so I can get up and travel whenever; I may not have the specific thing you’re looking for in my closet. Like most things, just ask. :)